Frequently Asked Questions

Below find answers to some frequently asked questions for Recipients and Teams.

Recipient FAQ

Who qualifies to have their yard raked?

Recipients must be 65 years or older, disabled or a veteran and live in Eagle. Note: If you live in Meridian, please contact Rake Up Meridian at (208) 685-7748 or

How do I apply to have my yard raked?

Applications are online on this website. Click here to register.

My yard was raked last year. Do I need to send in another application?

Yes, please sign up again. You must apply every year to have your yard raked.

When will I know that my house has been chosen to be raked?

Unless you hear from us, you can assume your application has been chosen. You will be notified by EMS PTO within one week of raking about the details and expectations for our recipients.

Will I need to be home when the team comes to rake my yard?

No, you don't have to be home. Please confine your animal, make sure all animal waste is cleaned up and keep the gate unlocked so they can rake.

I have a dog/cat, what should I do with it during Rake Up Eagle?

Please confine your animal during the time that the team is at your home. Also, make sure all animal droppings are picked up. If there is animal waste in the yard, the team will not rake your yard.

What if the team comes before all of my leaves fall?

The team is only responsible to rake your leaves once.

Can a team rake on a different day?

We tell teams to rake on November 13th. If there is inclement weather, the teams will rake within 1 week of November 13th..

What supplies does Rake Up Eagle supply for the volunteers?

We provide the leaf bags. Teams bring their own rakes, gloves, etc. All filled lawn bags will go at the end of your driveway for pick up.

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Team FAQ

What supplies does Rake Up Eagle provide for volunteer teams?

We provide the leaf bags. Teams will need to bring their own rakes, gloves, etc.

What time is Rake Up Eagle?

You will need to pick up your lawn bags at Eagle Middle on November 13th between 8-10 am. There is no set time to begin raking.  Most teams rake in the morning.

When will the teams receive their assigned houses?

We will notify you of your assigned house when you pick up lawn bags on November 13th.

Can teams rake on a different day?

Only if there is inclement weather. We have committed to raking on November 13th.

What should we do if we run out of bags?

Please go to EMS and ask for more or text/call us and we will have some delivered. 208-484-5076

What should we do with the leftover bags?

Please return all unused bags to Eagle Middle school, 1000 W Floating Feather Rd.

What if the yard has dog/cat waste in it?

You are not obligated to rake if there is animal waste in the yard. The homeowners have been notified they need to clean up all animal waste before teams show up.

What do we do if it rains/snows on or before Rake Up Eagle?

We ask that all teams get the raking done as soon as possible, preferably within a week of November 13th. If you absolutely cannot reschedule, please contact Rake Up Eagle to reassign the yard. Please also watch for texts/emails from Rake Up Eagle PTO with instructions if weather becomes an issue.

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